What is Whole Life Insurance?

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37689548Whole Life Insurance policy gives the policy holder a lifetime coverage at a premium rate that does not increase with age after it has been purchased. This insurance policy typically requires that the owner pay premiums for the life of the policy.

This policy builds cash value and the policy holder can use the cash value to get a policy loan. The loan can only be for the amount up to a percentage of the policy cash value. The loan of course will accrue interest. Note though that if the loan plus interest amount exceeds the cash value, the policy will expire with no value.

The advantage of a Whole life insurance policy is that the policy can return money to the policy holder in the form of dividends, if the company earns a surplus because of profitable operations. Since earnings such a surplus depends on many variables, dividends are never guaranteed.

There are different type of Whole Life Insurance. The most common types are:

Joint Whole Life– provides basic whole life benefits, but two lives are insured under the same policy.

Last Survivor Whole Life-a Joint whole life, designed mainly for married couples.

Universal Life– the policy holder can choose your policy’s face amount and premium and to change these factors while the policy is in effect.

Adjustable Life– allows the policy holder to vary the coverage as insurance needs change.

Indeterminate Premium Life– specifies 2 premium rate- a guaranteed maximum and a lower rate you actually pay. Your premium can never be more than the guaranteed maximum.

Interest Sensitive Whole life– similar to indeterminate premium life, but taken a step further as cash value can increase beyond the state guarantee if economic conditions warrant.

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